Last summer a project has been realised with refugee children. The children have been asked to create a decorated tree to symbolise or to visualise their expectations and wishes for the future. The project has been taken place in a school in an EU-region in Germany bordering the Netherlands. A young German artist has supervised this project. She has been educated in sculpturing arts very well both in the Netherlands (Akademie voor Kunst en Industrie (AKI), Enschede) as also in the United Kingdom (Royal College of Arts, London). She is also known by her art performances in which she often makes use of her classical singing education as well.

Trees have been created indoors as well as outdoors. In some trees not only decorations express the children's wishes. Written messages, and even short poems, have been packed to the trees while singing folklore songs to put also the right spell there for the future to come. The magic of a transcendental perspective.

It is clear than of course that the indoor trees are by now still in a better condition than those outdoors. Nevertheless also the outdoor trees still bear those 'sunny fruits' for a good future.

N.B. The pictures are also thumbnails. 

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