Meeting 2 is in the Netherlands on June 9-10-11, 2016
PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life
AGENDA (concept)
1  - Opening  
a) by the hosting partner
b) by the coordinator
* The Report of Meeting 1
* Memorandum of Actions and Activities as 
   agreed upon in Meeting I
2  - Presentation by DEMA of the network- and project identity
materials  ---  discussion
3  - Presentation of the preliminary web site
   Discussion about its use and the necessary changes, also with  
   regard to the presented identity / house style materials
 - Break
4  - Presentation of the Action Plan and discussion
Seen the actual situation in Europe a special plan to raise
awareness in a European Dimension about refugees and their
participation into social life is not so necessary anymore. So,
a modified plan has to  be drawn up about what the network
can do regarding the initially proposed actions and activities,
also with respect to the available/granted budget.
A time-line of completed actions and produced results will
than also be drawn up of course.
5  - Meeting III
   Determination of the place and date of the next meeting 
   following the suggestions of the Italian partner.
6  - Project- and  Meeting Evaluation
7  - Closing of Meeting II
PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life

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