The introduction - statement to the PARSOL Art Book by INTERMEZZO UNGDOM

In Europe, since the recent economical recession, the interest around active participation in public life is decreasing and the European membership spirit is weakening day by day.
There is an urgent need to foster the civil participation and engagement, creating the basis for social spaces where citizens start to interact actively with Public Institutions: an Open Government (OG) structured system more open, transparent and collaborative.
In order to stimulate OG it is essential to enhance:
– an active participation of the citizens to the public life;
– more efficient social services;
– administrative and decision-making transparency;
– open access to the public data including accounting, public health, e-government, environment management, mobility, life quality, etc.
The PARSOL project promotes equity, social cohesion and active citizenship (ET2020 aim), the acquisition of key competences specifically connected with the social and civic competences (general priority-call 2013) and is helping citizens to understand how they can be an active part in the actual EU and in the construction of the future “country of the countries”.
The partnership aims and activities are:
– to promote the principles of the Open Government Declaration endorsed already by 34 countries in the world;
– to investigate from across Europe good practice examples about the OG;
– to discuss the future of OG involving several stakeholders and public bodies;
– to generate some guidelines and innovative tools to activate the active participation useful both for public institutions and citizens (e-books);
– to disseminate the project outputs results with a database of materials available on an internet platform.
The project is in line with the statement around the European Year of Citizens 2013 and with the 2014 EU election.
Through this project outcomes the EU might easily learn how national citizens’ loyalty campaigns can be used at an EU level.
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