The introduction to the PARSOL Art Book by ARTE VIA

Excerpt of the novel 'The Director' by Ana Filomena Amaral

In the distance, the immobilized doors interspersed to the view by the waves, as pointed spikes piercing the gray, gave entrance to an hesitant boat between the surface and the foundries of the sea. Armina warned the fishermen who were heading in its direction, closer they could see a scenario of greater despair and tragedy. More than thirty people, especially women and children, fainting, drifting in a black ocean of rage and doom. They threw a cable to the boat and tried to tow it slowly as the power of the rising waves allowed it, still finishing the throwing of the nets.
On the beach, everyone had noticed that something unusual was happening and they were already forming a crowd when boats, nets, people and fish docked. The oxen dragged the most valuable cargo of their lives into the sand, before so much fish and now so little. Immediately the people were removed from the boat, first the children that Henry immediately examined, they were alive, but very dehydrated, some might not survive. As if by magic, the women of the fishermen were already carrying blankets, water, bread, milk, and were trying to feed and hydrate those who could still react on their own…
… Those boarded on an island of poor fishermen, who survive by sharing what little they have and since they had been fishers of men and not of fish, they would share with the others what the sea gave them. Empty nets, to the relief of the oxen that pulled them and the anguish of the women who felt the hunger in the little captured. Everyday drama, immense poverty that fills the eyes with water and the table with empty sadness, but today a boat full of new arms, friendships, brotherhoods grounded by the bitterest salt of a sea that kills and returns hope in life.
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