PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life
Art Book Contribution by DEMA

Abdel Ba Paco Vilches

Blurred Lives  Clear Barriers by Lafando

Our grandfather - by EPROC

Memorial Hanuka Lohrengel

by Mario Hamborg

by Marion Stinson

by Paulina Olechowska, Polonia

by Stanislaw Buczkowski

zou can see this movie also on youtube
“Rostres de la Mediterrānia” (Faces of the Mediterranean) is an artistic and participative initiative by the platform "Stop Mare Mortum" to denounce the death of thousands of people across European borders and reflect on the situation experienced by people trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. Our purpose is to create a work for each refugee, exiled, uprooted, or immigrant who died trying to cross borders the Mediterranean Sea.
So far artists from 17 countries have submitted 160 pieces of art. Works full of optimism and hope, or be sad, angry, denunciatory. Every picture tells a story, has its own personality, different and special. As each of our brothers and sisters drowned the sea.

"Faces of the Mediterranean" allowed PARSOL to include in the "Art Book" and  the Exhibition of the PARSOL project a sample of the works that have arrived so far. Also "Rostres de la Mediterrānia" will open a project in which you can help. On the website: www.stopmaremortum.org you will find the necessary information.

Desolacion Desesperanza Desafio 
by Marta Aoitz

Fragile - Damir Balic, Sarajevo

Slide show
PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life

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