MEETING II
The Netherlands - 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 June 2016
10 - 12 June 2016 
 June 10, 2016 - Groenlo, Rural Museum, Project Meeting 
Report / Minutes by Roger Horam, EDInet, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
  Wednesday 08/06
Arrival of most participants as agreed upon earlier
Partners from Spain, Portugal and UK arrived at various times during the day and were collected at Enschede Central Station by Herbert.
Unfortunately the partners from Turkey (unable to get a visa due to term time), Italy (death in the family) and Norway (Ramadan) were unable to attend this meeting.
  Thursday 09/06
Morning  -  Visit to Alifa

Welcome and introduction by Mr. Mohamed El Hamdaoui, general director of Alifa

‘The policy of the City of Enschede regarding Refugee’s’, Ms Inge Stegeman, Coordinator Asiel en Integratie, City of Enschede 

‘Refugee’s support in the Netherlands by Alifa’ by Mr. Dick Turk, Alifa 

‘The Mentor Project’ (‘Loodsenproject’) by Mr. Douwe de Winder, Alifa

Questions and answers

Group photographs and Interviews with the local/regional press 

Afternoon  -  Cultural programme

Cultural programme with respect to the weather conditions

Further meeting and discussions/Interviews with the local/regional press and the local television and radio broadcasting network.

Dinner in 'het Koetshuis', Enschede

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  Friday 10/06
Core Project Meeting
Opening Actions

a) by the hosting partner

b) by EDInet (chairing and minuting on behalf of the coordinator)

* The Report of Meeting 1

* Memorandum of Actions and

   Activities as agreed upon in Meeting I


Roger to circulate to those present prior to submission to coordinator



Herbert highlighted that notwithstanding the absence of so many participants the cost of the local transportation would be only € 3,60 / person / day more than initially budgeted thanks to the possibility to rent a smaller and so cheaper mini-bus in the last minute


Herbert to send receipts for local transport costs abroad

Herbert presents the web site. The meeting approves the design and its realisation of its development. It has been asked to remove the page with the First of May movie. Herbert to remove the May1 movie page
The Portuguese partners are responsible for the organisation of the exhibition (Last intellectual output) and the Art Book (03) (which will be printed by the Turkish partners) and the Multiplier event E3. All partners to contribute artwork from their countries. Ana suggests a deadline of May 2017 for materials in order to pull together the art book and exhibition Ana looking for confirmation about who is paying for what (printing costs) All partners to think about gathering materials Ana to send information on how she wants the materials (format, size etc.) after speaking to graphic designer
Multiplier events – apart from the final multiplier event in Portugal (E3) (which will combine with a partner meeting), the other 2 multiplier events (Netherlands (E1) and Turkey (E2)) include funding for each partner to have “local” (to the hosting country) people attending. Partners need confirmation about what is expected of them Umut and Gulden to speak to the Turkish NA to get confirmation about the budget for each partner and what it has to be spent on.

Partners to agree a schedule of multiplier events once they know the answer to the budget

Budget – all partners received a same amount as part of the initial payment received by USED. This is counter to the agreement USED have with the Turkish NA who state that payments are 40%-40%-20%. Partners, however, owe USED payment for the meeting in Denizli USED to retain what partners owe them and then pay over the balance (to reduce exchange fees, this might be better done at the 2nd payment stage)
There is no partnership agreement between USED and the partners, which is counter to good practice USED develop and distribute a partnership agreement
Afternoon  -  Cultural programme

After an afternoon walk along the lakes were flamingos have their most northern breeding place in Europe a visit has been made to the baroque church of Zwilbrock (just across the border in Germany)  that was built in those times that catholic people were like refugees in the protestant Netherlands and had to walk for miles to Germany to attend there a mass.

Dinner has been served and enjoyed in the hotel

Saturday 11/06 - Sunday 12/06
After a morning coffee at Herbert's an excursion has been made to Amsterdam before the departure back home later on from Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport)

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PARSOL  - Participation of Refugees into Social Life
Meeting 2 has been in the Netherlands on June 9-10-11, 2016

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